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When the Chairperson receives an email invitation to submit a survey there will be a link for the Chairperson to click upon. The Chairperson will be linked directly to a survey page that will ask questions about their most recent Blood Drive. Several fields will already be completed for the Chairperson using Blood Bank Data that the Blood Center already knows. The Chairperson will be able to edit any of the fields that already have data inserted. The Chairperson will also be able to answer some rating questions, provide suggestions and refer additional organizations that may sponsor a Blood Drive..

FBS Chairperson Survey
Welcome to the FBS Chairperson Survey
Date/Start Time of Blood Drive:  January 23, 2009 08:00 AM    
Your Name:  Sandy Clearwater    
Title:  Blood Drive Chairperson    
Organization Name:  TECO ENERGY INC.    
Address:  702 N Franklin St    
Your Phone Number:  555-259-6988 Ext. 121    
E-mail:  sclear@teco.com    
Fax Number:  555-259-6988 Ext. 21    
Projected # of donations:  350    
Actual # of collected donations: 
Name of Donor Services' Charge Person:  Lisa Duque    
Names of Team Members:  Eric 6Cormier, Rebecca 1Godfrey,
Your Community Relations Representative (CRR):  Angela West    
1) Did your CRR Communicate with you on a regular basis?
  Yes   No  
2) Please rate the professionalism and customer service of your CRR.
  Excellent   Very good   Good   Fair   Poor  
3) Did your CRR assist in booking the blood drive date and time well in advance?
  Yes   No  
4) Were donor appointments scheduled in advance?
  Yes   No  
5) Did your CRR help you set realistic goals?
  Yes   No  
6) Did your CRR help you choose a suitable place for the blood drive?
  Yes   No  
7) Did your CRR offer a group presentation?
  Yes   No  
8) If a group presentation was given, please rate it
  Excellent   Very good   Good   Fair   Poor     No presentation given
9) If no presentation was given, do you feel this would be helpful before your next blood drive?
  Yes   No  
10) Did your CRR provide you with enough recruitment materials?
  Yes   No  
11) Were the recruitment materials of good quality?
  Yes   No  
12) Were the recruitment materials delivered on time?
  Yes   No  
13) Did your donor services' blood collection STAFF:
  A) Introduce themselves?
  Yes   No  
  B) Wear name tags?
  Yes   No  
14) Did the blood drive begin on time?(January 23, 2009 08:00 AM)
  Yes   No
15) How would you rate the professionalism and customer service of the FBS Team servicing your Blood Drive?
  A) The blood collection staff's personal appearance?
  Excellent   Very good   Good   Fair   Poor  
  B) The technical ability of the blood collection staff?
  Excellent   Very good   Good   Fair   Poor  
  C) The blood collection staff's rapport with the blood donors?
  Excellent   Very good   Good   Fair   Poor  
  D) Overall, how would you rate Florida Blood Services' performance at your blood drive?
  Excellent   Very good   Good   Fair   Poor  
16) On average, how long did the donation process take? (from donor sign-in to post-donation refreshments)
  Less than 30 mins   30-39 minutes   40-49 minutes   50-60 minutes   More than 60 mins  
17) Was the time donors spent at the blood drive acceptable to your organization?
  Yes   No  
18) Is there anything special or new that you or your group did to improve the success of this blood drive? If yes, describe:
19) Do you believe Florida Blood Services appreciates your group for sponsoring a blood drive?
  Yes   No  
20) Would you like to discuss your blood drive with a member of our management team?
  Yes    No
21) Is there anything more your FBS team can do to help you with your blood drive?
  Yes    No
22) If you know of any other groups who might be willing to sponsor a blood drive, please list them here:
  Receive a valuable gift card if you refer an organization that sponsors a Blood Drive with 20 or more donors.
Referral Comment:  
Company name:  
Contact name:  

23) Please place additional comments in the space provided:
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